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Skinny jeans have been popular since ancient times. They offer a tight fit through the legs and taper at the bottom of the leg completely. Skinny jeans are also known by other names such as stovepipes, pegs, cigarette pants, skinnies or skinny pants. There are slight differentiations in each skinny jean type. While drainpipe jeans are skinny, they are straight towards the lower portion. However, skinny are narrow towards the bottom portion giving it a snug look and feel. Some styles of these jeans come with zippers at the lower portion to enable pulling the jeans over feet. Super slim fit is made possible in skinny jeans because of the use of stretch denim with 2% to 4% spandex.

History Of Skinny Jeans

Use Of Skinny Jeans In The Fifties

The use of such jeans became popular in the 1950’s. The pants were popularized by celebrities such as Lone Ranger, Roy Rogers, Marilyn Monroe, Cisco Kid, Gene Autry and Zorro and others who preferred to wear pants that were narrow at the ankle. The use of skinnies gained in popularity with other country music stars such as Elvis Presley wearing this type of jeans while propagating Rock and Roll music. Rock ‘n’ roll and drainpipe jeans were coupled to create a “bad boy” look that is famous even today. Skinny jeans were worn by other famous rock bands such as The Rolling Stones and the Beatles in the 1960’s also.

Use Of Skinny Jeans In The Seventies

Rockabilly bands and glam rock popularized skinny jeans such as drainpipe jeans in the early 70s. This was opposite to the hippie look sported by flared trousers. The punks who were popular during this time also donned red tartan drainpipe jeans. Many scene leaders such as Sex Pistols, Ramones and The Clash and other bands wore skinny jeans in the seventies.

Use Of Skinny Jeans In The Eighties

The popularity of this attire continued in the eighties also especially in the heavy metal scene comprising Slayer, Anthrax and Metallica. Narrow legged jeans such as skin-tight acid-washed jeans were famous in the eighties. The skinny jeans were worn with basket-ball shoes and sneakers. Form sitting jeans were preferred over spandex by many glamorous metal bands such as Bon Jovi, Slaughter, Poison, Motley Crue and others during the late 1980s and early 1990s. Even popular rock stars such as Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson donned the tight fitting jeans. Baggy carpenter jeans worn by rappers such as Snoop Dogg, Kris Kross, Another Bad creation and others became popular towards the beginning opf nineties.

Use Of Skinny Jeans Currently

The indie revival bands preferred the skinny jeans usage during early 2000. Even women love to wear skinny jeans wither scrunched over their footwear or tucked into their boots. These are worn with flats by women. They are commonly used by men also because of their comfort and durability. People associate this style with the scene and emo styles.

Skinny jeans go well with any tops and with different types of shoes. Skinny jeans can pair well with any type of shoes such as high-heel shoes, sandals, boots or even flats. Men and women can shop for skinny jeans in reputed online stores. These are available not only in grey or blue but in other colors as well such as green, deep red, purple and black in several wholesale shops.

If you wish to look tall, modern and sexy, invest in a pair of skinny jeans today. With their smooth outlook and snug fit, skinny jeans can make you look like a star! You can find skinny jeans at affordable prices in several stores online.

How to Wear Skinny Jeans

Skinny Jeans were overshadowed by baggy jeans and boot cut jeans for a while, but now they are making a huge comeback. If you are a fashion freak and love to dress in the latest styles and trends in skinny jeans, then this article will help you. Wearing the right kind of outfit each season actually helps to boost your self-confidence. Several top brands are coming up with their signature style of skinny jeans and if worn in the right way, you will look just great. Carrying yourself boldly or casually is the secret to wearing skinny jeans.

Skinny jeans are an all time favorite for both men and women. In the past, young men were not as concerned about their jeans as women were. Now, they are also equally concerned about how they appear to the rest of society, whether a particular pair looks good on their body and so on. It’s true that many people go for personal style and taste when it comes to skinny jeans, but the general outlook in society also matters a great deal.

Walking in the right manner while wearing your skinny jeans is also a matter of great importance. They are tight fitting from the thigh to the ankle, and it is an amazing feat to look good, walk with style and get admiring glances. Since they are made from denim, they cling to the skin and make you look much smaller. If you have a figure to flaunt, then you should get a pair of skinny jeans. However, while you are out shopping, don’t confuse the latest styles in skinny jeans with the other new kinds of jeans in the market; called jeggings – a mix of both jeans and leggings.

If you don’t have a figure that you want to flaunt about, then go for the stretchable varieties, because those skinny jeans will hug your hips and make you look attractive. Some of the skinny jean types come with a zipper right at the ankle, because the legs are so skinny that you would not be able to get your legs.

What to Wear With Your Skinny Jeans

Go for a slender top that reaches your hips. Wearing horizontally striped shirts with these skinny jeans will surely turn heads. As far as your footwear is concerned, go for high heels or boots to complete the look. These boots will complement your look well if you are going to wear a bulky sweater-like top with your skinny jeans. If it’s the season of summer, wear a peasant shirt with puffs at the sleeves and a round the neck. You are going to look ravishing in your skinny jeans. If skinny jeans are what you prefer during the winter season too, then wear a short sweater dress and get ready for all those wonderful comments.

Get the Delicious Look with Footwear

Did you know that skinny jeans go well with high heels, boots and flats? If you are looking for the right way to wearing them with skinny jeans, then read ahead.

With Boots: It’s only when you are wearing a pair of skinny jeans that you can quickly slip on your favorite pair of boots. You can wear boots with other kinds of jeans, like boot cut jeans, for example, but it takes a little more time to arrange your jeans over your bootlegs. If you want to be more bold and creative, then roll your skinny jeans up 6-8 inches and wear them with ankle-length high heel boots.

In the winter time you can wear jeans with pair of warm emu boots.

With Heels: If you are on the shorter side, you will want to wear your skinny jeans with a pair of tall heels. You can choose heels that will look good with your skinny jeans. Women who have short legs can try out various styles of high heel shoes and come up with something that works for them.

With Flats: Wearing flats with your skinny jeans will tend to make even slender women look heavy. So, if you are a bit heavy in the hips and butt area, try to avoid both flats and sneakers, as these will not complement your figure.

Women’s Skinny Jeans

Did you know that there are skinny jeans available in the market depending on the size of your ankle? Anyway, you wouldn’t buy a pair of skinny jeans without trying them on and asking a few friends for their approval. If you have slim ankles, then buying skinny jeans won’t be much of a hassle. However, if you have thicker ankles, then buy a pair of skinny jeans that come with ankle zippers. Not only will these zippers make it easier for you to get your jeans on, but they will also create a more chic look. If you have short legs, do not choose skinny jeans that are cropped or Capri, they will only make you look shorter.

Some tips when buying skinny jeans

  • If you are ashamed of your heavy bulky shape, then buy a pair of black skinny jeans that are plus size to help conceal your excess weight. Add a tunic top and you are all set to go.
  • Experiment with your boots, they can make or break your appearance.
  • Nobody can deny how beautiful legs appear when covered with a pair of skintight jeans. If you are sad about you short legs, don’t worry; wear your heels and your self confidence and you are good to go.

Skinny Jeans Can Cause Health Problems

The latest popularity in skinny jeans has been easy to see in recent months, as more and more women are struggling to fit their bodies into the latest fashion craze. Though it’s expected that these ultra tight bottoms will provide a degree of discomfort to those wearing them, many women do not realize the potential health complication that has been known to arise from skinny jeans.

Women who frequently wear jeans that are simply too tight for them are in danger of a nerve condition that is called meralgia paresthetica. Meralgia paresthetica is caused by the pressure that is added to the femoral cutaneous nerve, which is a nerve in the thigh. When this pressure gets to be too much, it causes a very painful sensation to run up and down the thigh, which can be described as anything from a tingling or irritation to a burning sensation.

Meralgia paresthetica is a relatively new condition, and there isn’t a great deal of research on it. In the past, it’s frequently affected construction workers, along with obese people, as these people often had the greatest amount of pressure put on their legs. However, recently it’s been affecting younger women that are in good physical shape, and the cause has been linked to wearing skinny jeans that affect the nerves in the thigh.

While the irritation coming from this condition can be a problem to those affected by it, it is not a permanent problem. Often the irritation goes away after the additional pressure is removed.

Anyway, you can try different type of jeans, for example bootcut jeans. They are much more comfortable.

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